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Company: BANDAI
Age: 13 and up
Episodes: 1-6
Languages: Japanese/English
Time: 150 minutes
Created by: Hajime Yatate
Manga Serialized in Monthly Ace-Next (Kadokawa Shoten) as 'Incomplete Arms Luna Shaft'
Screenplay & Storyboard: Mamoru Hamazu
Planning: SUNRISE
Art Director: Mitsuki Nakamura
Directors: Mamoru Hamazu & Kazuki Akane
A Production of SUNRISE & CBS Sony Group

The lock, stock and barrel of the contents

The lock? - Two slash Four episodes of a brand new OVA Series (OVA. Stands for Original Video Animation). That means you get two stories for the price of one.

The stock? - First is the follow up to the original RONIN WARRIORS which we reviewed sometime ago, so that's something good. Second it's sporting TWO stories here, so that's a good thing.

The barrel? - Empty, but check out the episodes anyway!

Subtitles - Off, set to english.

So, complete the chain and you have a returning series with new stories. Let's check it out and see what's going on now-


It's another flip disc format! Here's the way it comes out. Side 1 (on top when you first open the DVD case, marked 'GAIDEN' when you look at disc)

Episode 1 (2)
Let's see, where are we since that last review some months ago? Talpa is still defeated and gone, unemployment amongst evil demon henchbeings is way up (there hasn't been any steady employment for the minions of evil ever since Buffy the Vampire Slayer stopped hiring), and it seems one of the Warrior's armors (Nimbus) is on a murder spree in NYC!

Meanwhile, back in Japan, it's time to celebrate Ryo's birthday, and it's even more special since Shu's won the lottery and is now rich- or just has more money than before. Soon, however, they're headed to NYC to investigate the appearance of the Nimbus armor, only to run into a new enemy who is brazen enough to even attack in broad daylight (knocking the huge jumbo jet Ryo and company are arriving in out of the sky and into the harbor!)

The episode is full of happenings which leads to a confrontation between the gang and the armor, which is seemingly running on it's own without it's wearer (Seiji), which leads to an intro of the new villain (Shikaisen), and a run in with the National Guard/NYPD while facing off with the now evilly controlled Nimbus armor in Manhattan. Oh, and pay attention during the episode because someone they meet during the episode is going to bail two of the guys out of trouble as they're now all on the run from the authorities!

Episode 2 (2)
Seiji? Captured and being held prisoner by the new enemy that is controlling the Nimbus armor. The rest of the group? Being hunted by the National Guard/NYPD. But a little help gets them out of that, only to find that Naste/Jun have been kidnapped by the same people who took Seiji, which leads them to Little Tokyo (in Los Angeles) where the final confrontation takes place.

What happens next? You'll have to find out for yourself!

Side 2 (on bottom when you first open the DVD case, marked 'INFERNO' when you look at disc)

Episode 1 (4)
Looks like Jun is off on summer vacation, and Naste is taking up jogging (and her place looks better since it got damaged back in Ronin Warriors Volume 9). As for the Warriors themselves? They're back on vacation again, but that won't last for long as a new warrior (from Africa) has come to town bringing a heatwave, illusions, and a hatred of the Shinjuku district because he tears through that with his weapon (a huge boomerang that can cut through buildings) like nobody's business.

This guy is tough! He's fast, strong, his weapon can slice buildings, and he can even tame White Blaze (the tiger that looks like he formerly worked for Seigfred & Roy). Worst, he seems to bear his own Inferno Armor (Black Sun Armor), but when the gang tries to summon their Inferno Armor Shin suddenly hesitates (he's been having problems this episode) and it causes the loss of Ryo/Seiji as they're pulled through a portal with this new enemy.

Episode 2 (4)
Ryo/Seiji? They end up in Africa where this guy beats on them and takes them to his village where they meet this woman who turns out to be his fiancée. She doesn't want them to summon the Inferno Armor and fight him because that'd be bad for him- why? And what is he doing? She explains abit about what's going on with him, so vital information given here (pay attention).

But maybe she doesn't need to be so worried because Shin just threw away his armor into a lake, so they might not be able to summon the Inferno Armor anyway, even if they discovered where this enemy took Ryo/Seiji (and they do).

Episode 3 (4)
So they know where the two are, but if they can't snap Shin out of his whiney mode and get his armor back then the trip might be wasted. And what does this mysterious enemy have in store for Ryo/Seiji? That you'll have to find out when you watch.

Episode 4 (4)
End of the four parter. Will it be a good or bad ending? You'll have to find that out as well as the story comes to it's conclusion and everything is wrapped up.

RONIN WARRIORS II Breakdown the 1st

What's Hot? - It's a good continuation from where we left off sometime ago. If you're a fan of this genre (action with a smidgen of horror) then you should pick this up.

What's Not? - Then again it might not be for you. If in doubt? Rent it out. Check it out for yourself, judge it, and see for yourself if you want it or not. And if you do? Buy it.

Moments to Remember? - There are a few in here, but I'll leave those for you to find.

What to Ignore? - Ignore Shin's whining on Side 2. For god's sake where did THAT come from! It's not like he was the one whose armor was controlled by a new enemy (first side of DVD, 2 parter). I just don't know where he suddenly went off the deep end to start going on like he did, but ignore it.

Overall? - Again if you tried it when I first reviewed it, or if this sounds like something you'd like to try out? Give it a shot, you might like it.


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